User Settings

General Tab

Here you can control your displayed name and title, username, email, and password. Your name and title are shown throughout the platform to other users. Your username and email can be used on the login page. Your email is also where you will receive all direct messages from the platform. To reset your password click the Reset button.


Notifications Tab

Control all of the settings around which notifications you receive on the platform. Currently you can be notified in two different ways:

Post Notifications

When you or any other user shares a post on the platform, they have the option of also sending an email notification to one or more users on the platform.

Weekly Post Rollups

Every Monday you will receive an email rolling up all of the posts that were sent to the groups you are a member of.

Privacy Tab

Refer to this page for any questions or concerns regarding how we manage your data.



To access your personal settings click the dropdown in the upper-right and select User Settings.