Group Settings


This page is only accessible by network and group administrators. Type in the name of the group and optionally select a color. The group will automatically inherit the color selected for the network. You also have the ability to set a session timeout length. The available times are: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, and 10 hours. This only applies to the group it was set in and affects all users within that group.


The Users tab allows you to manage every user within the group. This is where you can grant a user group administrator privileges, remove those privileges, or remove them from the network entirely (removing them does not delete any of their data but simply revokes their access). Simply click the checkmark by one or more users to access these controls. Alternatively you can click the icon in the Admin column to change that user's network administrator privileges. To alter the settings of an individual user click their name on the table.




This tab gives you functionality to better collaborate with your network. By enabling "Share Companies," all companies in your group will appear on the Network Companies table and your group name will appear beside it in the Network Relationship column. This does not share any of your proprietary data.If Contact email is enabled, an email button will appear next to your group name. If any user clicks the email icon a message will open and be addressed to the email you provided.



When you are connected with other groups on the platform they will appear in the Sources page of the Ecosystem page. If you would like the groups you have connected with to be able to email you directly you can set that here.


Browse all of the data providers currently connected to your group. If you wish for any to be removed or for ones to be added please contact the support team.