Invite and view all of the members of your group.


Collaboration is a big part of the platform so we have added a dedicated view for all of the members of your team.

Are there any restrictions on who I can invite?

Our only requirement is that it must be a business address.

Are there profiles for individual users?

Absolutely. To view any user's profile just click their name on the table. You will be able to see the following information:

  • A profile photo uploaded by them
  • Their full name
  • Their title
  • Email Button: opens the email address of the user in your preferred client
  • Activity Feed: every action this person has taken on the platform


Invite a person to your team

Navigate to the Team page and click the Invite button


Enter a valid business email address. If you need to invite multiple members, just enter their comma-separated emails in the box and select Add. If needed, edit the email body text below. Click Submit. Their account will be created after they accept the invitation.


Manual Account Creation (admin users only)


Administrators of all levels now have the ability to manually create accounts and set an invited users' permission level.

To access these controls you will need to invite a user from Settings in the Users tab. Permission controls have also been extended to the existing Invite modal which is accessible from Settings, Quick Actions, and the Team tab.