Table Actions

Select a company

To select a single company select the checkbox in the row.


Select all companies on a table

To select all companies on a table select the checkbox next to the column headers. This selects all of the companies you are currently viewing, not every company across every page of your returned results.


Column Configuration

Altering the columns on your group's companies table will not affect any other users so you can customize your own view. Altering the columns in any report will be seen by all other users in your group.

To configure columns on any table click the Configure button.


A modal will appear. To add a field click the Add Field button. You can either scroll and select a field or start typing to search for one. When you select a field it will be added to the list.


If you wish to reorder a field, hover over it and drag the handle to the left. If you wish to remove a field, hover over it and click the "..." button and click Remove. This will only hide it from the table and not affect the data itself.


Edit Fields

Sometimes when managing your database you will need to add or adjust the values of multiple companies. This typically occurs when mass tagging select companies with a categorization or new status.

To access the Edit Fields modal, first select the checkbox by at least one company. Select the EDIT button and then select Edit Fields.


The Edit Fields modal will open. First, select the fields you want to edit by clicking the ADD FIELD button. Enter the values you want to append to your fields. If you want to replace values instead, select the checkbox below. When you click SAVE, your edits will be applied to all selected companies.


Which fields can I edit?

Any field created by your group.

What happens when I edit data?

For fields that can only hold a single value like drop downs, their existing data will be replaced with what you entered in the field.

For fields that allow for multiple values like tags, your data will be appended to the existing data.

Any fields you add and leave empty will not affect any existing data.

What if I want to erase existing values or replace instead of append?

At the bottom of the Edit Fields modal is a checkbox that allows you to replace all existing values with what you selected.

If I make a mistake, can I roll back my changes?

Not at this time.

Export Companies

When working with other team members, importing data into another tool, or if you just prefer to work in Excel you will need a way to get data off of the platform. We allow you to select specific companies to export or you can select an entire table. Whatever you are currently looking at is what you will get in the XLSX. You can find the Export button above every table.


Click the Export button on the modal.


What data is exportable?

At this time, all data can be exported except Owler. This is not a technical limitation but a contractual one.

How is it formatted?

The table will be formatted exactly as you are viewing it on the platform. This includes your column configurations and any applied filters. We do not include any branding or additional text.


As you add companies to your group it will be increasingly important to segment and analyze your companies at a higher level. Because we allow you to filter using a wide variety of data, the scope of what you can accomplish is nearly endless. Everything from seeing where companies sit in your custom pipeline, seeing what sectors you are investing your resources in, companies recommended by your analysts, etc.

Group filters

Group filters are filters that are available for every member of your group. This means that anyone who accesses the dropdown shown below will see the same list. Because of this it's important to be mindful of whether or not this is something everyone needs to have access to.


Report filters

Report filters are filters that are only available within the report you are working on. This means that they will never appear in the list of group filters and never appear inside any other report.

We know that sometimes you want to use an existing group filter inside your report. Rather than forcing you to rebuild it, we allow you to duplicate an existing group filter into your report. Any changes you make to the filter within the report will not affect the original group filter and vice versa.

Create a filter

To create a filter, select the filter button located next to the "search" button on the companyies page


An interactive card view will come down, allowing you to select which fields to filter by. Select a field as though you were editing it in the company main view.

After you select a field, select the dropdown to the right and select the modifier. After selecting your modifier, enter the value you would like to filter for and click Apply. The table below is filtered for your query. You can click the X next to the query to remove it. If you wish to add additional filter queries, start the process again below.


Save a filter

If you intend to regularly use this filter you should save it. Start by naming your filter something relevant to the queries itself. Click the Save button. It is now available in the filter dropdown.


Edit a saved filter

To edit a saved filter, first select it in the filter dropdown. Then select the Edit button. You must save your changes after making them.

Delete a saved filter

To delete a saved filter, first select it in the filter dropdown. Then select the Delete button.

A modal will appear to confirm that you want to delete the filter. This is permanent and cannot be undone.



When you are trying to find a specific company within a set of filtered results you can use our search feature. Select the search button. Enter all or part of the company you wish to locate. The table will update as you type. To cancel your search click the X button.


What can I search for?

At this time we match against the company name and contents of the short description.