The sharing of data and/or content between one or more groups.


On Nucla we allow you to share any data you have access to with any group you are connected with, your network, or the ecosystem. Some common cases for sharing data include:

  • Requesting analysts to research a specific sector or space and send it back in the form of a report
  • Sharing relevant articles about a company or sector
  • Keeping everyone aligned on which groups have relationships with whom

This is why we allow groups to send data to one another on the platform. This process is tightly controlled and comes with a few stipulations:

  • Both groups must opt-in to allow content to be shared with them. This ensures that groups who wish to stay private can do so.
  • All shared data is read only. Only the group the data was created in can edit it.

What can I share?

You can share the following:

  • Companies
  • Reports: any fields you package in the report are made available to the group they are sent with in the form of
  • Files
  • Web Links
  • Text

And you can provide additional context and branding with:

  • Cover Image
  • Message

Who can I share with?

You can share with any other group connected to your group. We do not enable sharing between specific users. To connect to another group contact your network administrator or support@nucla.com.

How can they be notified?

Once a week every user of every group will receive an email that rolls up every post they have received over the previous week. Additionally, we allow for Post Notifications which lets you notify one or more people through email right when the post is sent.

What sharing rules do I need to know?

  • Any data you didn't explicitly add as an attachment isn't exposed to anyone else
  • No matter what has been shared, your data can never be edited by someone outside of your group
  • Everything you share is always up to date so you never need to send multiple copies of the same thing


Access the share modal

The Share button can be accessed from most pages on the platform. For this example we will share from . Click the Quick Actions button in the upper-left and select Share.


You will see the Share modal. Here you can:

  • Select the Attachments button to choose your attachments.
  • Select the Recipients dropdown to choose who you want to share your attachments with.

Send a Post Notification

To notify a specific person in another group with an email you can use post notifications. Note: the post is still shared with everyone in their group, you are only notifying a specific person.

First, when you're in the share modal select the group that person resides in. After the group has been added, you will see the Post Notification button next to the group's name.

After you click the button you can select one or more members of that group. When you share your post they will receive an email notification with a link to that post. You will also be on the thread of that email.