Filtered List


A report tab type that displays a list of companies that match a filter.


The most common use case for a report is to segment a portion of your existing company data. With the Filtered List tab type you can use a new or existing filter to select a group of companies you want displayed within your report. Some common cases where people find this useful are:

  • A report that shows all of my company relationships that I can view and manage for myself away from the Companies page
  • Share a report with the other groups in your company showing all of your approved partners
  • A monthly status report that displays all of the companies within the various stages of your pipeline
  • Sector reports that display all relevant companies according to your taxonomy

What happens when company data is updated?

The list of companies will always stay in perfect sync with the applied filter so any time a team member updates a field on the Companies page it will be reflected in every report filtering for that change. This allows you to keep dozens or even hundreds of reports that maintain themselves so your only job is to keep the data up to date on your company profiles.

What happens when the group filter I used is updated or deleted?

When using a group filter we duplicate it into the report so they are not connected with one another. Any changes to the group or report filters will not affect the other.


Create a filtered list

Select the report tabs dropdown and click the New Tab button.


Select "Add a filtered list of companies" from the available options.


Select the dropdown and either create a new filter or select an existing Group Filter to duplicate into this report.


Edit a filtered list

To edit a Filtered List, click the Edit button to the right of the filter statement.