Import, segment, and visualize companies in a custom shareable view.


Reports are one of the most powerful and flexible tools we have on the platform. They allow you to import all or parts of your existing company data and display them in a customized list. This is ideal for when you want to work with a subset of companies (ex: only the companies you are directly working with away from the other members of your group) or for sharing data on companies with people within or outside of your group.

Who can edit a report?

A report can be edited by any member of your group.

Can I share a report?

Yes, learn more about and .

Can I have multiple company lists within a single report?

Yes, we allow you to have multiple lists using report tabs. Report tabs are how you add companies to your report. Multiple tabs can be useful when building a sector map report, allowing you to segment data in multiple ways and have it nicely organized in separate lists. We have three tab types:

Can I rename my tabs and change their order?

Absolutely, just hover over the "..." and press the Configure Tabs button to the right of your tabs.



Create a report

Go to Reports and click the Create button above the table. You can also access this option from .


Input the name of the report and select whether you would like to create a report from scratch or use an existing one as a template.


Select whether you would like to initially add companies manually or by building a filter. You can always adjust this later and add additional tabs to your report.


Use an existing report as a template

Start by creating a new report and selecting the "Report Template" option.


Select the dropdown and see a list of every report that currently exists within your group. Select the one you want to use as a template.


If you ever need to review the rules around how templates work, click the link on the bottom of the modal.


Change the name of a report

Click into any report. Click the name of the report in the upper-left and edit the text.


Share a report

The sharing button gives you access to all of the controls you need to share your report or see where an existing report has been shared to.

  • The "Share report" button opens the modal you're used to accessing everywhere else on the platform.
  • The "Public link" button lets you create a public link or view the existing one. Public viewers only have access to what you can see within the report. If there is any data you do not want them to see, remove that column from the Companies table and it will be hidden.
  • The "Contact email" button lets you add a "Contact" button to your report that lets people you share this report with contact you through a specified email. If enabled, the contact button can be seen and clicked by anyone outside of your group. This means when sharing on the platform or through sharing a public link.
  • The "Report is viewable..." section lets you browse all of the places this report has already been shared on the platform.