Platform Updates

Weekly Updates

Our weekly product release on Tuesday at 6pm PT usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. If we have larger data migrations, this window can be extended to an hour or so.

Larger Deployments

Any planned deployments that we anticipate lasting longer than an hour will be released on Saturday at 9am PT. These larger releases happen much less frequently (1-2x per quarter) and will be communicated ahead of time through updates.nucla.com and the Monthly Product client email.

What can I expect?

During the release, authenticated users will be redirected to the following "Maintenance Mode" page on the next request they make to our server (ie. refresh or query data). If a user is logged in and takes no action during the release, the page will stay as-is and continue to work after the maintenance mode has ended.

Following the release, users will see an "Update Available" modal appear with a prompt to download the latest version of the app. We use a Progressive Web Application (PWA) framework that caches assets on the users browser to improve the overall experience.


This message can be ignored and data saved if there are any work in progress changes. After changes are saved, the user should hard refresh the browser to grab the latest application version.