Monthly Reporting

Are you interested in tracking the activity within your group on KITE?

At the end of each month we can share a breakdown of activity within your group. You can choose what you'd like us to track and share each month. Breakdown of activity events below.

Please reach out to support@kitesrm.com if you would like to begin tracking monthly activity.


  • Add company ⭐
  • Create field ⭐
  • Set field value ⭐
  • View company profile ⭐


  • Send Invite


  • Click post attachment
  • Create post
  • Edit Post
  • View Connections


  • Create report ⭐
  • View report ⭐


  • Create Company ⭐
  • Update Field
  • Any activity event ⭐
TIP: All events listed below. Ones marked with a ⭐ are popular events. We would recommend keeping to 7 activity "events".