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Once in your new group, you and your team can connect (or your group may already be connected) to other teams and partners, and various tools and sources to aggregate information on a company.

On Nucla you can connect to:

  • Internal Teams - Connect your group to other private groups within your network to search across and better understand organizational relationships with external partners. Also: package up data and reports to selectively share company information with other teams.
TIP: Start creating reports and sharing reports (
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  • External Partners - Connect your group to customers, consultants, investors, accelerators and other trusted scouting partners to search across these relationships and discover new external partners. Also: request and receive data and reports in a central place.
TIP: If your ecosystem partners or clients are not currently on Nucla, we will set them up so they can start sharing company insights with you via the platform. Reach out to support@nucla.com

  • Forms - Build customized forms using Typeform’s survey creation tools. Share links to your forms or embed them on your site to collect info directly from external partners. All data will feed into your Nucla group.
TIP: once your form is set up, follow our
guide to connect a form to your group.

  • Dynamic Partner Databases - Connect your group to one or more dynamic data providers β€” including Crunchbase, SimilarWeb, Clearbit and Owler β€” to search and locate companies of interest. Plus, your tracked companies will automatically be enriched with real-time firmographic data from the data providers of your choice.
TIP: If you’d like to connect to your favorite data sources, please reach out to support@nucla.com to suggest them to our product team.