Kanban Board


View and move your companies through ordered columns.


Kanban Boards are the best way to visualize companies moving through a specific order of values to show linear progression. This is most commonly used for showing how company relationships progress, stages of partner discovery, evaluation process of open innovation competitions, etc.

Does moving a company between columns change the value on the company profile?

Yes, the column a company sits in is an actual representation of what value that company has on its profile. Any member of your group can move companies on the board. Anyone outside of your group cannot.

What types of fields can I visualize as a kanban board?

Any dropdown or radio field type.

How do I change the order of the columns?

The order of the columns is directly tied to how they are ordered on on the field itself. Administrators can adjust this by navigating to 



Create a board

To create a board, first click the "+Widget" button at the top of any Dashboard. Select Kanban Board.


You will see options for naming your board, and selecting a field. The field selection dropdown automatically filters out any field that isn't a dropdown or radio field so you know that everything you see will work. Once you've named your board and found the field you want to use, click SAVE.


Filter your board

Filtering here works exactly the same as it does on any table. Any filter you apply will be applied across every column on the board.


Column Actions

To take action on all of the companies within a column, click the "..." icon beside the column name. You will see a list of options that work exactly the same as they would on any table. These actions will only affect the companies currently present in the column you selected.