Field Graph


Visualize the number of companies associated with each value related to a field.


Visualizations on our platform are usually created to achieve one of two different goals: understanding the current status of an existing pipeline or understanding how companies are distributed across a vertical. Field graphs are our answer to solving those cases in the fewest number of clicks possible. You can select a field on the platform (from any data type) and plot out how many companies are associated with each value. You can quickly see how this is relevant when considering from the angle of a relationship status pipeline or a sector map.

Which field types do you support?

Currently we support every field type except:

  • Files
  • Text
  • Range

How do you determine what order the values appear?

We display values in the same order as they appear on the field itself. To customize this order navigate to Field Settings and edit the field you wish to customize. For some graphs you will see options to choose how to sort and order your values on the bottom of the modal.


How can I see which companies are associated with a specific value?

Click on any of the values on the graph itself. You will be taken to the relevant company list filtered for companies that match the value you selected.


Create a field graph

To create a field graph navigate to any dashboard and click "+ WIDGET" (top right hand corner). Then select Field Graph.


A modal will appear allowing you to name your graph, choose a type of visualization, and a dropdown to select the field you wish to visualize. Click Save and the graph will be created.