Visualize company data and upload decks for all of your companies or reports.


Dashboarding an Nucla is an open space to visualize all or subsets of your companies for giving you or viewers of your reports an alternative means of analyzing your company data. We support a range of visualizations and means of graphing data. No matter where you are creating your dashboard you will have access to the same tools. The only difference is which data will be visualized.

Companies and Report Dashboards

A companies dashboard visualizes data from every company in your group. A report dashboard visualizes data from every company in the Companies tab of your report. You can add as many dashboard tabs as you want to your group and reports. You can find existing dashboards by looking for the dashboard icon.

How do I request new graph and visualization types?

Reach out to our support team at support@nucla.com


Widget Types

Video Widget
Company Overview Widget


Adding to a dashboard

To add to a dashboard, simply navigate to any dashboard on the platform and click the +Widget button and select what kind of element you would like to add. There is no limit on how many you can add.


Adding a New Dashboard

To add a new dashboard, simply navigate to the "..." button, and press "Configure". From there, press "Add tab".