Shared Data


Proprietary data sent from one group to another through the Ecosystem.


Shared data is the method in which data can be passed from one group to another. This is important in contexts like multiple groups with an enterprise working with one another or with analyst providing data for their clients. We give you complete control over how the data is presented and the context with which it is shared.

Who can see my data?

Any group you explicitly share one of your reports with will be able to see any data that is present within that report.

Can they edit the data I share with them?

All shared data is read only. Proprietary data can only be edited by members of your group who are logged into that group.

What data can they see?

The group receiving your report will see it exactly as you have designed it. This means that the columns you have chosen to display in the order you have chosen to display them will be what they see. Any data not present as a column on the report is hidden from their view.

What happens when I update data I have already shared?

All shared data is always up to date. This means that anytime you or someone within your group updates a field it will be updated across all reports ensuring everyone stays aligned.