Configure Tabs

Configure Tabs


Add, relabel, and reorder tabs on the Companies page and within any report.


At Nucla we continuously strive to make the platform more flexible to allow you to adapt it for your specific use case and workflow. This is most salient to reports, where we have found every customer has their own way of presenting information with their own terminology. We don't believe that every group should be standardized and this will allow you to work with your team the way you feel is best.

Who can edit tabs?

The tabs on the Companies page can be edited by any Administrator. The tabs within a report can be edited by any member of your group.

Does my changes affect everyone?

Yes, any changes to the tabs will be seen by everyone with access to that.

Does changing one report affect all reports?

No, any changes you make to a report stay within that report.

Can I add more tabs?

Yes, currently you can add as many Dashboard tab types as you need. We will look to expand this in the future.

Can I hide tabs?

Some tabs like dashboards can be removed, but more important ones like Connections and Companies cannot.


Click the "..." button to the right of your tabs.


Click the "Add Tab" button to add additional tabs. Click the name of a tab to rename it. To reorder your tabs hover over one and click the handle to the left. To hide a tab hover over one and click the button to the right. Click Save to save your changes.