Company Data

Where are all my private company data and reports stored?

All your data and reports are stored in your group, which is specific to your team and is private. Your group allows you and your team members to centralize and control all of your company data so nothing falls through the cracks. Only the people who are invited to your group can see the data you upload, your notes on companies and your reports.


What data is added to my company profiles?

In the "Connections" tab you’ll see the various dynamic data providers we integrate with:

  • Crunchbase
  • Clearbit
  • Similar Web
  • Owler

We automatically match any company you add, upload, or collect information from through an application and tether it to this dynamic data.


Will people from outside of my organization be able to see my data?

All the companies and proprietary data that you upload to your group are private to your group. This includes tags, notes, ratings, and data collected from any Typeform surveys, as well as reports you have created.

When sharing data with other groups within your organization’s network on Nucla, you have complete control over the data points you wish to share.

Similarly, if you create a report that is viewable to anyone with the link (a public report), you have complete control of the data that is shared

More info into how to build and share