Add Companies


Make a company appear in your Companies table so it is available for use for all members of your group.


Adding a company is the first and most important step when working on Nucla. We are not a research tool so you must first add the companies you are interested in before starting. We enable a variety of ways to add companies to your group. Once a company has been added you will be able to append data to it, read the latest news about it, filter data about it, include it in reports, and share it with other groups.


Search for a company to add

Click the "search" button on your companies tab or open



Search for the company you wish to add. It is best to search for a company name. If you can't find them by name, try their homepage URL for a more precise match. We do not support more generalized searches like a sector or location.


Create a company

Click over to the create tab. Click the picture icon to add a company logo. Add a company name and their homepage URL. After the company has been created you can optionally add additional details in the form of proprietary data.


Import a company

Here you can import a formatted spreadsheet of companies (and associated data) into your group.

  • Every sheet is required to have a "Name" column with the name of the company and a "Url" column that has the homepage of that company (ex: nucla.comon the first row.
  • If you are trying to add values to fields make sure that those fields already exist in your group, you cannot create fields with a spreadsheet.
  • Make sure that every column header referring to a field on the platform matches exactly (ex: "Fast Track" will not import correctly if the field is named "fast track").
  • Make sure that your document is not configured to have an infinite number of columns and contains only the columns you need. If you're not sure how to do this, you can upload your xlsx to Google Sheets and export it before uploading it to Nucla.
For an in-depth guide on importing companies, users, or troubleshooting the Flatfile importer read this guide:
Importing Companies and Users with Spreadsheets

Request a company

Click the Request tab. Click the Send a Request button. You can now contact them directly through email. Only groups who have connected with you are present on this tab. To connect with another group reach out to


Import a form

If your group has activated its integration then you can import an existing form's responses into the platform.


Add a company shared with my group

When viewing a company that has been shared with you but has not been added to your group, click the Radar button towards the top right to track the company.