The Activity Feed is your central place for understanding the latest actions members of your group are taking and updates from your data providers.


Activity is the way in which you can see all of the latest updates regarding actions members of your team have taken on the platform or changes in the data from our providers which represent actions taken by the companies themselves. Activity will only be shown for the companies that have been added to your group.

Group Activity

Group activity shows the latest actions taken by your group in addition to changes made by one of our data providers.

  • Note Added: a user has posted a note on a company profile or report
  • Field Added: a user has entered a value on a field that was previously empty
  • Report Created: a user has created a report
  • Ecosystem Message Created: a user has created and shared a discover post
  • User Added to Group: a new user has joined your group
  • Company Added: a user has added a new company
  • News Shared: a data provider has found news about this company
  • Updated Event: any time a field is modified (proprietary or provider data) we will display the original value and the new one

Company News

Company news shows the latest articles and blog posts related to the company you are tracking.

Companies Activity

Activity on the Companies page will display activity from everywhere within your group, related to all of the companies within your group.

Report Activity

The activity tab of reports will display activity related to all companies present within the Companies tab. Any company not inside the report will not be shown in the feed.

User Profile Activity

Activity on a user profile is the same as your Companies activity but filtered for actions that specific user has taken.


Filter activity

To see the activity related to a subset of your companies, first create a report. Add the companies you want to track with either a manual or filtered list.Click over to the Activity tab. It will only display activity related to the companies that exist within the report.