The Workflow

The Workflow

How does Nucla help me?

Tracking a company feels impossible. There are so many touch points from so many different sources of data it feels like there is just no way to see the complete picture.

What you need to know
How you find it today
What’s the latest information on this company?
Setup Google alerts or subscribe to a data provider like Crunchbase or Pitchbook
What’s the status of this company in my team’s pipeline?
Ask everyone to send your their spreadsheet every week or dish out money for a CRM like Salesforce
Is anyone in my enterprise working with this company?
Figure out which teams on the org chart might have company relationships and cold email them for their spreadsheet that’s out of date in a week

No matter if the information you need is in a spreadsheet, a data provider like Pitchbook, a CRM like Salesforce, or with another team in your organization, Nucla keeps it simple. You can answer all of your questions on any company in one place: its profile.


How does it work?

Nucla centralizes all of your company data through the power of . With no engineering necessary you can import your existing data or connect to a vast collection of data providers, integrations, and groups on Nucla. Once connected, any combination of companies and fields can be packaged in and shared. Once shared it will appear as a card on every company profile so all of your data is where it should be.


When should I use Nucla?

Tracking a new company relationship

Whenever you need to learn about a company the first place you should check is Nucla. Finding a company is as easy as typing its name and the profile will show you every data point from every connection your group has. This is helpful because:

  • You can see the latest data points across your different data providers
  • See if the company is already being tracked by a member of your team on the platform or in another one of your tools
  • See if anyone in your organization has a relationship with them so you can follow up for more information

Analyzing your portfolio

Nucla offers powerful filtering and dashboarding tools to let you slice and segment your companies any way you need. This is powerful because you can use any data point available to your group so you can answer questions like:

  • Who are our partners and which Pitchbook sectors are they a part of?
  • Which company has the most touch points within our organization?
  • What is the status of all of my group’s relationships on a kanban board?

Sharing your company data with someone else

There are many times when you need to share a portion of your data with someone else or vice versa:

  • Your boss wants to know the status of of your company conversations
  • Another team wants to know if you’re talking to a company
  • You commissioned a report from an analyst

The problem with all of these is that the data is buried in spreadsheets and emails that aren’t centralized and quickly go out of date.

Nucla solves all of this by neatly organizing your information and ensures every data point is always up to date. Now with a single link to a report they get a live view of the data you choose to let them see so you never need to pull the same information twice.