Group Setup

Group Setup



The General tab allows you to control basic information like naming your group and establishing your branding color. If your organization has an existing SSO configuration that can be enabled on this page. You can learn more about how we handle security here.

Create your fields

If you want to store your company data on the platform you can create fields in a wide variety of types including text, dropdowns, tags, checkboxes, and more. We recommend keeping this list as small as you can to start and only adding what you need. This makes it easier for you and your team to maintain your information as you mature.

Enable your data providers and integrations


Navigate to the Connections tab to control which data providers and integrations are connected to your group. Data providers will enrich any company you add to your group with their data points while integrations will import the companies and fields from those tools into your group.

Import your spreadsheets

If you are tracking companies on a spreadsheet, you can easily import them into our platform. Make sure to create the fields you need ahead of time.

Importing Companies and Users with SpreadsheetsImporting Companies and Users with Spreadsheets

Invite members

Invite anyone you want to have access to your data into your group individually or in bulk.